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Packaging a product ensures its safety and protection. It saves your products from any physical impacts that include hitting, bruising or wetting. It also offers protection against the products getting dirty if you want to keep them for long in store. That apart, it allows your product to reach the clients in an economic manner and helps with ease of storage. If you are looking for an industrial packaging supplier in Dubai, you have landed at the right page. We can help you with all your packaging requirements. Being among the leading packaging material suppliers in Dubai, we have made our service only more reliable and better with each passing day.

Our Highlights

Our services make us our clients' favourite. If you are searching for packaging supplies near me in Google, we would suggest to not waste time on doing that and trust us for your packaging needs. We are here to help our customers with the best packaging solutions. We are working with some of the leading names in the industry and getting good feedbacks for the solutions we offer. Few of our highlights:

Attractive Packaging

What makes you go for a service? How good or bad it looks, right? No matter how relevant or irrelevant it is, first impression means a lot to everyone. We keep that in mind and make sure that our packaging looks attractive enough to attract people while keeping the quality at its best at the same time. We are the best packaging supplies distributor in Dubai who offer reliable services at the most competitive prices.

Flexible Shipping Protection

We understand the industry needs and offer solutions that are most suitable to industrial purposes. You can reach us for reliable packaging materials and ensure protection of your products while shipping.

Custom Solutions

With us, there are no hard and fast rules. You can choose what you want. From films to packaging boxes, you can pick the one that suits you the best. We can provide exactly what you want. If you want to get your products packed in boxes, we can offer that. Or if you want to be wrapped in films, we can do that as well. There is a wide range available when it comes to packaging materials. Here, we have mentioned a few of our best-selling range:

Cling Film Packaging

You must have heard about cling films. Due to their flexible applications and easy usability, cling films have made it to industrial as well as domestic purposes. It is cost-effective, time saving, high performance, user friendly, tear resistant, stretchable, easy to wrap, and the list is long. There are so many upsides of this type of packaging and that makes it one of the most preferred packaging materials.

Bubble Wrap Packaging

We, being the leading packaging material suppliers in Dubai, supply a wide variety of high quality bubble wraps in order to help you with the effective protection that you want for your products. From small bubble wraps to the large ones, colourful to transparent, we offer everything you may need. Our versatile range of bubble wraps ensures nothing comes as an obstacle in the way of your packaging while you getting your products ready for dispatch or simply planning to transport some stuff.

Foam Sheet Packaging

Foam sheets provide that extra layer of protection to your products in transit. There are some products where normal plastic or bubble wrap packaging is not enough such as items made of glass or other brittle materials. We offer the best quality foam sheet packaging material to help you get your important items without a hassle. Foam sheets are widely used in electronics industries as they are considered the best when it comes to protect a product from hitting or other damage.

Paper Packaging

The next in the row is paper packaging. Paper is considered to be the best packaging material as it is bio degradable and can be easily recycled. If you are someone who loves to keep it environment friendly and your products are not subjected to hard hitting, you can go for paper packaging. That apart, if you supply food products and looking for a recyclable packaging option, paper packaging must be your go to.

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About Krish Star

Founded in 2013, an Indo-German personal venture by Mr.Muraleedharan Poonoth and Mr.Harald Robert Habenberger, Krish Star general trading is a recognized leader in importing of packaging materials directly from the manufactures of both Europe and Asia. Today the company has a presence in all over Middle East.

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