Plastic Wrap Supplier

Plastic Wrap Supplier in Dubai

Plastic bags colloquially referred as polyethylene bags or poly bags are extensively used by a myriad of industries for applications like packaging, shipping and delivery. These poly bags are extremely useful in routine life during activities such as retail shopping, food packaging etc. Krish Star is a reputed plastic packing bags supplier in Dubai. We have attained immense fame and trust of our customers by offering high quality polythene bags in multitude of size, style, colour and thickness. Our unbeatable price structure, on-time delivery and assurance of quality always win the trust of customers. Our eco-friendly bags are biodegradable. Soon after its inception, Krish Star has attained the status of a reliable plastic bag, cling film supplier in Dubai. We offer a wide range of high standard products to fulfil key requirements of our dear customers.

Reasons to choose our services

  • • Fast service - Krish Star offers swift and excellent service of delivering plastic bags. We give priority to even last-minute requirements like trade shows, exhibitions and depletion of stock.
  • • Relentless support - Our team is always concerned about deadlines. Krish Star always manage to provide excellent support and assist customers to find appropriate packaging solutions.

The poly bags that we supply are manufactured through high precision machines and reliable raw material to ensure added strength. Satisfaction of the customer is the biggest reward for us. You will surely enjoy the experience of working with us. All our packaging solutions are designed to meet your precise needs. We aspire to become a partner of your growth and success. Krish Star has helped various brands to flourish and grow.

Plastic wrap is a boon for packaging industry. Now, staple products like plastic wrap are becoming part of modern kitchen. We at, Krish Star sincerely believe in caring and creating value for our customers. If you are questing after a dependable plastic wrap supplier in Dubai then look none other than us. Our team is made up of young and dynamic people. Assisting customers to stay on top, especially in modern competitive market is our priority.

We also deal in other products apart from plastic packaging bags. Krish Star is one of the distinguished cling film suppliers in Dubai. Cling film is a thin sheet made of transparent plastic film. This cling film adheres with the surface. It is used for wrapping and covering food. Our cling films seals the food kept in the containers and shields its freshness. You can place an order for cling film in various sizes. The jumbo roles supplied by Krish Star are economical. The cling films supplied by Krish Star are produced as per highest standards of hygiene. Our flexible cling films are tear resistant.It was never easy to specialize as top-quality cling film suppliers in Dubai. .

Some of the benefits offered by cling films:

  • • Secure packaging during transportation
  • • Secure packaging during transportation
  • • Weatherproof, waterproof and tamperproof
  • • Assistance in easy handling
  • • Shielding from corrosion and heat
  • • Protection from dust and excessive moisture
  • • Increased shelf life for some specific food products

Being a leader in the world of packaging material, our team is committed to supply you with specialized self-adhesive wraps and films. Feel free to contact us whether you are looking for cling films, poly bags or any other specific packaging material. Krish Star gives utmost priority to the quality as we are deemed eminent for being trustworthy. We are lauded for being trouble-shooters as our team is competent to handle rush orders. You can rely on our solutions and effectively satisfy your needs. Reputation of Krish Star is the outcome of sheer hard work and dedication that we have invested in our work.


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