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Krish Star Offers The Best Foam Rolls In Dubai!

Wrap your products in our foam packaging rolls and forget all your worries of damage during shipment. Don’t feel stressed over all these issues and get in touch with the leading foam roll suppliers in Dubai.

Getting your valuable items damaged in transit is the worst thing one can go through. You lose things for no reason exactly when you are eagerly waiting for it. Leave the financial losses; what actually sucks is the amount of mental trauma one suffers from. We understand this and have developed efficient packaging solutions ideal for industrial as well as household needs. With years of expertise in the UAE market, we are the best foam sheet suppliers in Dubai. Try our foam rolls to protect your goods against hitting or any other kind of damage during transit.

In case, you are wondering about the benefits you can get from replacing your ordinary packaging materials with our foam sheets, here you go:

  • • Cleanliness: Do you remember when you had used newspaper for packaging last time and it left ink on your items? The problem is, most of the times we use wrong things for wrong purposes. For instance, foam rolls are excellent packaging option as they don’t interfere with cleanliness of your belongings. Be it a household or an industry, people love goods that look clean. Also, there will be things that you can’t wash. So, choose wisely next time when you pack your stuff.

  • • Better Protection: Not just cleanliness, good protection against scratches or dents is one of the biggest benefits you get if you pick foam rolls over the ordinary packaging papers. If you have soft, fragile items to be shipped and concerned about their safety, you should go for foam sheet Dubai. The simple logic is, fragile items are more prone to chips, scratches and other types of damage, so they require soft packaging. Also, if you have to move items that are to be protected against impact, for instance, furniture, you can choose to use foam packaging and rest assured about safety and protection.

  • • Loads of Options: Another best thing about foam rolls is the wide variety available. You get a number of options to choose from. Depending on the nature of goods to be shipped, we offer different type of foam packaging materials that include foam sheets Dubai, foam rolls, foam pouch, anti-static foam etc.

  • • Recyclability: Foam shipping rolls are made using low density polyethylene that can be easily recycled. If you are concerned about environmental protection and looking for eco-friendly packaging solutions, get foam sheets Dubai from the leading foam sheet suppliers in Dubai.

At Krish Star, we offer foam packaging rolls to protect your shipments from rough handling. They are perfect for inserting an extra layer between delicate items, wrap them or add padding to the cartons. We believe in quality and make use of the best techniques to make our services as cost effective as possible while keeping the quality at its optimum.

Highlights of our foam packaging materials are:

  • • Shock absorbing packaging materials
  • • Better protection to moisture
  • • Ideal for packaging electronic items
  • • Custom perforating and slitting available
  • • Better resistance against bumps and falls
  • • A wide variety available to choose from
  • • Environment friendly solutions


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