A brief account on quality evaluation test for different packaging materials

The quality evaluation test is important because these test are used to determine the quality of packaging material used for packaging of different food products. Such qualities will mainly be related to the strength of materials. The quality evolution test also helps in determining the quality difference between two different samples or may be two different manufacturers, or to the same manufacturer to the different lots. Contact cling film supplier in Dubai!

The quality evaluation test is important because it saves our valuables after the standards are set.

Different quality parameters of packaging materials like GSM or thickness etc

The test procedures that are applicable for general classes of materials or packages are available and published in standardized from by various organizations.

The standard atmospheric conditions are very important for the quality evaluation of packaging material. The standard atmospheric conditions with the samples should be allowed to reach at balance before the evaluation which generally consumes the time around 24 hours.

Conditioning of the samples

It is important to notice the climatic conditions to which these samples are exposed are affect by the atmosphere about them. For example, the physical properties of paper are affected by the moisture and temperature present in weather in which they are kept.

In special cases the specimen sample is given the exposure to atmosphere to check the moisture content which is to record effect of weather or climate on specimen. Quality evaluation laboratories maintain standard atmospheric conditions and no test is considered official if it is conducted in any other conditions.

In a number of countries, the standard atmospheric condition has been established.

Thickness in the view of paper packaging supplier

Whether The properties that are directly related to thickness are light barrier, gas, moisture, seal strength, seal ability, and tensile strength.

In case of laminates the thickness of the constituent plies are more important as they influence the barrier properties.

The method of test are mentioned below:
  • A sample should have no irregularities and the dimension should be 10 cm x 10 cm.
  • The specimen should be placed between two point of the micro meter, one of which has to be lifted gently insert the paper and note the corresponding reading.
  • Micron, mil, inches etc. are some of the units in which thickness can be expressed.
  • One should take at least ten reading.
  • One should take at least ten reading. Order with one of the packaging material suppliers in Dubai!

Bursting strength of paper and paper board is determined in order to assess both toughness and strength of sample. It is the ability of the sample to absorb energy.

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