Economy models of the World and packaging materials

After the World War 2 there was an intense need of large scale production as the world was struggling against the hunger, until fifties and sixties the concept of supply chain management was out of business lexicon. In 1972 when the production took a slight hike then across the globe plastic packing bags supplier & packaging supplies distributor businesses emerged in Dubai. The production line was frail and even the procurement was administered poorly.

Simple Assembly Model

First time the offshore production came into the existence and the companies from Japan, US and Europe, this all started by sixties and seventies. The material were supplied from the developed countries to neighbouring developing countries and were assembled there at low labour cost and then were supplied from there to other parts of the world.

Domestic Economy model

It all starts from 1970 when the domestic economy model came into the existence; it was the time when only few of the countries were equipped with proper machineries for mass production. The quality and control was brought in effect by the managers from production line to the supply chain dispensing goods to the end customers on time. An MRP stands for material requirement planning was introduced to improve production and planning during this time.

During this period the import and export was done for the basic commodities only moving from north to south and vice versa, these were limited to the developing countries while the developed countries were sending finished products to the other parts of the world.

Full package production model

In eighties the offshore production reached to the countries like Singapore, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong. These manufacturing units were able produce a complete product rather than depending on other developed countries or factories.

In this period MRP 2 i.e. Material Resource Planning for the production was introduced which was more effective than Material Resource Planning 1, MRP 2 was having more functionality. His MRP 2 had gained the prominence globally because it also included finance, general accounting and forebode inventory requirements and planning on capacity of labour. After MRP 2 fresh food supplies also came in trend direct to the customers’ door step resulted into the business of plastic packing bags supplier in Dubai, because cling wrap keeps the freshness of the food for the long period.

In the year 1982, a logistician name Keith Oliver of the British origin while giving the interview to Financial Times used the term ‘Supply Chain’ for the first time, this term gained prominence in the nineties and later got added into the business dictionary. This was the time when the professions of plastic packing bags supplier & packaging supplies distributor were commonly known to the professionals in Dubai and the world.

The 21st century global factory model

China took a giant leap in the exports by the beginning of twenty first century and attained number one position in the trade. This has also brought boom to the business of cling film suppliers in Dubai & across the globe in the 21st century, for keep products intact by saving it from the outside moisture and sudden weather change during shipment. In this model the relations were also having great significance because the competition grew more and more, here the businesses were focusing on rapport building with the suppliers and customers.

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