Packaging industry

The packaging industry has been one of the fastest-growing industries in the twentieth century. The revenue of the packaging industry is above 500 billion annually, with encouraging growth in the sector. The packaging industry is concerned with designing and manufacturing products, and solutions that preserve, deliver, store, protect and make other goods more marketable. With advancements in technology; and the invention of new lightweight, advance, and strong materials, the packaging industry continues to give practical solutions. These solutions satisfy all the packaging needs of the clients.

The packaging materials are indispensable for all types of goods, from consumer goods to industrial goods. However, the real need for packaging material is for the Food & Beverage industry.

Food & Beverage Packaging

If we say that the advancements in the food and beverages industry; could not have been achieved without suitable packaging solutions, the reader will find this statement agreeable. With the shift in priorities and lifestyle, our eating habits and choices have changed. Packaged and processed foods are ready to consume and have longer shelf lives; they are more marketable and easily stored. The profitability of this Food & beverages industry is due to cost-effective packaging. Krish Star General Trading LLC is a renowned food packaging suppliers in Dubai.They can offer a wide choice of materials for different kinds of food products and beverages.

Food Safety & Preservation

The safety and quality standards for food-safe packaging are very high; critical to deliver and maintain the food fresh and in its purest form, fit until consumed. Various types of materials are put in use to manufacture food packaging. Cartons, packing paper, glass, Electrolytic tinplate, pet bottles, PP, HDPE, PP bags, containers, stretch film are a few of the most frequently used to manufacture packaging. The packing material; must be procured from the trusted food packaging suppliers in Dubai; to ensure compliance with food safety standards.

Commonly Used Packaging

Corrugated Box

These boxes are made of fiberboard and have good stacking strength; they are used to protect products during shipping and storage. The stacking strength depends on the number of layers, moisture content, number, and design of corrugated sheets. Krish Star General Trading LLC is a quality carton supplier Dubai.

Direct Importer of Packing Materials