The Chronicles of packaging

To ship the goods the wooden boxes, barrels and corrugated papers came into use by late 19th century, but by the starting of 20th century it became packaging materials took a giant leap. In this period the packaging style and material was to support the self service model, this means that the concept of printed details were started on packaging materials, this means these packages were explaining the product they contained to sell it along with itself. The business of packaging material suppliers in Dubai and paper packaging supplier reached to its peak in Dubai and across the world.

Emergence of modern packaging

The modern packaging concept emerged just in 19th century and it all started with preserving food but this time the packaging materials were not natural. These were processed and customized in shape and size in order to be user friendly along with serving the motive of preserving the food at its best condition unto the hands of the end customers, the very first container was an Appert Jar and then a tin can came in existence.

From the ancient history to when the man started moving from one place to another, he learned to carry the belongings wrapped in some kind of functional packaging, the evidences date back to some 5 to 6 millenniums ago. Pottery and animal skins were used to contain the solid edibles and liquid potables. The issue was not only to pack the things, but to preserve edibles and potables also and only appropriate packaging material can be used to increase the shelf life of the food, for this the people of that time were using animal hides, wooden boxes and fabrics etc. these packaging materials were not much strong because the all were obtained from the Mother Nature.

Interactive packaging of the modern days

The packaging are not limited to only carry or preserve something, they interact with the people. He barcode imprinted on the wrapper to process the required information about that particular product. The universal barcode concept was first used in 1974, since then these bar codes are used or transactions.

The paper packaging is an old method that dates back two thousand years ago in China, of which the business is done on large scale by a paper packaging supplier in Dubai and we use it until now, the Chinese were successfully making cellulose out of the bark. The cardboard came in trend by 19th century but just after it plastic took the place and it is used heavily, because it is durable, non biodegradable and water proof as well, the cling wrap that is used for keeping the food fresh is distributed by food packaging supplies distributors in Dubai. Packaging material suppliers and paper packaging supplier in Dubai are coping up with the demand in the market.

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