Coconut Suppliers in Dubai

Krish Star General Trading LLC is among the topmost fresh coconut suppliers in Dubai. We supply coconuts in various parts of UAE are that are enriched with health coconut water. Our coconuts are fully grown and perfect for your household or commercial needs. While doing the packaging and shipping, we make sure to keep the freshness intact and transport them safely to the destination. We have been in the industry for several years and know what it takes to ensure a good supply chain and make the delivery on time so that you don’t face any delay or other type of inconveniences.

Mature, Brown Coconuts

We don’t consider premature coconuts for trading. We import only the fully grown, mature coconuts that look natural and supply them to our clients. Our customers include few of the top restaurants and food chains in UAE who trust us for their coconut requirements. Get in touch with us, discuss your needs, and we will supply you the best coconuts in UAE.

Ideal for Industrial, Commercial & Household Needs

Being one the most reliable coconut suppliers in Dubai, we cater to every need. Be it an industrial, commercial or household requirement, we serve it all. We believe in making lives healthier and happier by providing our best products to the masses and that’s what makes us one the most preferred companies in UAE. We try our best to keep all our customers satisfied, irrespective of how large or small scale their requirements are.

Uncountable Health Benefits

If we talk about the health benefits offered by coconuts, they will blow your mind. Coconuts are highly nutritious with protein, vitamin B, and several essential minerals that help in several functions in human body. For instance, they are enriched in manganese that ensures good bone health and helps metabolize proteins, cholesterols and carbs. Iron and copper present in coconuts promote red blood cells. They are good for your heart, control blood sugar level, easy to consume, and contain many powerful antioxidants.

Most Competitive Prices

This one thing can matter the most if your requirement is large in number. Being the best coconut suppliers in Dubai, we have kept our prices very competitive in order to attract more customers and keep the existing ones. Why would you look anywhere else if you get everything at the best price with us? This is the simple logic we follow when it comes to pricing. Get in touch with us for coconuts and we will supply them at the best price in the market.

Why Us?

Our quality makes us the company we are. We keep quality on priority while supplying coconuts or any other products we deal with. Our team keeps looking for new vendors who can provide us with the best quality coconuts in UAE, and we deliver the same to our customers. Also, it is extremely easy to get in touch with us. We are just one call away!


Direct Importer of Packing Materials